Together, let's protect our environment!

Deeply attached to our region and keen to live in harmony with our environment, we have put in place measures and initiatives with the aim of minimizing the impact of our activity on it. In concrete terms, this translates into a number of eco-gestures to avoid excessive energy consumption:

Breakfasts :

display of an " Anti-waste " sign

Selective waste sorting (yellow/grey/green)

Jams in collective glass jars (VS individual packaging)


If we have the customer's agreement, we prefer to send invoices by e-mail to avoid printing. Paper sorting


Suggestion to guests to clean their rooms every 2 days to limit towel washing and the use of room cleaning products.

Use of eco-labeled and certified cleaning products

Room staff sort customer waste in rooms.

Rooms :

Information in rooms to invite guests to turn off electrical appliances (TV, lights, various devices) and to turn down the heating when they leave their room.

Since this year, installation of soap, shampoo and shower gel in dispensers (vs. individual bottles). No air conditioning, but large ceiling fans.